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On Michael Schumacher's bedside table is a gold cross that he gave to his son Mick, 15, eight years ago.

Next to it is an ornate hairbrush, a present to daughter Gina-Maria, 17, when she was a small child.

In general, the goofy-looking Tanuki we are familiar with today is a recent creation, mostly Japanese.

But by carefully investigating Tanuki’s remote origins from China, we can demarcate original property from borrowed property.

Five weeks ago, hopes for the 45-year-old star were raised when he was moved from a Lausanne rehabilitation centre to the extraordinary custom-built clinic in the grounds of his £35 million mansion in Gland, on the shores of Switzerland's Lake Geneva.

An investigation was launched into who took the picture at the German driver's palatial home in Geneva, Switzerland and how they managed to smuggle it out under the nose of his manager and nursing staff.

The original evil parts come from old China and its fox lore (introduced to Japan between the 4th-7th centuries CE).

The newer tamer parts, such as the big belly, belly drumming, giant scrotum, and sake bottle can be traced to late Edo-era Japan (18th-19th centuries), while the commercialized benevolent parts (promissory note, straw hat) emerged in Japanese artwork around the beginning of the 20th century.

Corinna Schumacher is currently married to Michael Schumacher. He showed me how to take the razor and go down your face at an angle so it cuts better.

She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 26.6 years. Given Name: Corinna Betsch Age: 48 (3/2/1969)Occupation: Other - Spouse Most Famous For: Wife of Michael Schumacher "In a drawer on a side table were pictures of me with no shirt on. One of the reasons we went our own way was because in a way I wanted a father figure and he was not strong enough.

Inside, however, it is a state-of-the-art medical facility staffed round the clock by a 15-strong team who have been specially trained by the Lausanne clinic to care for the man widely regarded as the greatest racing driver of all time. The weekly bill for equipment and staff – which includes physiotherapists to massage his atrophying limbs, doctors, nutritionists, nurses and neurological experts – is estimated to be more than £100,000.