Sirius radio keeps updating Webcamsexwithout registration

16-Apr-2016 02:44

So I called the phone # on the screen, got the refresh, the screen said, "subscription updated, press any key to continue." Soon I was listening to music again.I told them I didn't think it was possible for my radio to unsubscribe from their service of it's own free will.

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When I chose not to renew it, the service was no longer accessible thru my cars (no signal) and I assumed that the accounts were cancelled.I have been listening from Hong Kong daily for over a year, and now get a message "content unavailable, try another channel" so they stop allowing streaming outside US and don't even bother to let a user know that is a paying customer and is outside the US that their policy has changed??Talked to listener care and apparently Sirius has cutoff any users trying to stream outside of the US and Canada for "security reasons." What a joke! If that didn't work, try accessing the menu function on your radio.

Tip: For easier completion, you may want to resend your signal using your mobile device when you're in your vehicle Tune your radio to channel 0 and the ESN/Radio ID should display.Can't find your ESN/Radio ID in your pre-installed vehicle?