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Stephaine Otobo and Apostle Suleiman scandal has just entered another dimension, she was picked up by the police and made to sign some forced statement, but once she was released, Stephanie has started singing like a bird and denying that she ever said Apostle Suleiman was innocent and has now gone to the point of release screenshots of her chat with the pastor, peep the photos and video below: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ms.

Stephanie Otobo explains her relationship with Apostle Suleman while awaiting bail freedom in Lagos court pic.twitter.com/y3Gf K3bc4e— Sahara Reporters (@Sahara Reporters) March 6, 2017VIDEO: Apostle Suleman Sex Scandal: Ms.

Stephanie Otobo denies ever signing undertaking with @Police NG that she didn't know Suleman pic.twitter.com/Oulbwcr DNC— Sahara Reporters (@Sahara Reporters) March 6, 2017First of all u guys should remember that Papa has declared war against the Marine Kingdom this year by frequently praying against the Marine power.